Pass Through & Door

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ViraTek, Inc. offers an optional Pass-Through & Door for use with either the LE2020 or LE2828 Misting Tunnel. This option enables facilities using the Misting Tunnel in a dirty/clean room setting to install the equipment to effectively perform its function. The seamless nesting design of the Pass-Through & Door make the transition from dirty to clean simple and effective.





The easily installed Pass-Through & Door are constructed of stainless steel and can accommodate a 4" - 8" thick wall. The stainless steel rollers on the bottom of the frame ensure the smooth transition of all of your items moving through the Misting Tunnel to the Off-Load Conveyor. The hinged door is gasketed and is secured in place with two adjustable lever locks. The Off-Load Conveyor attaches to the brackets on the clean side of the Pass-Through frame.



This decontamination system is your answer to reducing the chance of contaminants entering your facility.